About Our Menu: We Believe whole heartedly that a well nourished body paves the way for a well nourished and educated mind. For this reason we aim to source only the highest quality food for your little one. We have worked hard to ensure our menu is well balanced and nutrient rich.

Our Vegetables: Are all non GMO and not sprayed with pesticides. They are all freshly picked from my garden and grown with the most loving touch for your little one.
Grains: Most of our grains like our oats, rice, spaghetti and chickpeas are certified organic.
Our meats: Are all certified hormone, antibiotic and chemical free.

We feel that where we can limit exposing your little one to chemicals, hormones, pesticides and other toxins, we would happily go that extra mile. However life is all about balance and you will therefore still find some food on the menu that is not organic. We also have some fun treats on a Friday to add a bit of excitement to our nutritious menu.