Little Lion Pre-School is a safe and fun environment, which is community focused and supports foundation phase learning.

We offer small classes, with children receiving one on one personalized teaching.

Our prime focus is developing children from 3 months old to 5 years old. An integral part of our focus is reinforcing solid moral principles so that they can spend a lifetime building on a secure foundation for a purpose-driven life.

Little Lion Pre-School is nestled away in the heart of Rivonia, Sandton.

We serve local residential areas as well as parents who commute to the Rivonia area.

The driving force behind Little Lion Pre-School is Liezl Perris. Liezl has been teaching since 2005; and she has many years of experience, gained through pre-school teaching, au pairing and teaching Sunday School classes. She has taught an array of age groups but her heart lies with teaching early foundation phase children. Her aim with Little Lion Pre-School is to maintain a community-focused environment, as children learn best when they feel safe and secure. She is a disciplined, fun-loving person with high energy levels, who enjoys bringing out children's creativity and unique personalities. Liezl has been married since 2007 and has 2 children of her own.




What parents are saying


Liezl was an amazing teacher, always smiling happy and welcoming person, which always made my daughter happy to go to school every day. She is an unbelievable teacher, found that my daughter learnt so much in the year that she was with Liezl.

She has so much love and patience with the children.

Kelly Fritz - Parent


Teacher Liezl is an amazing teacher always happy and loud in a good way!

Very bubbly when my kids arrived at school always making each child feel very special and right at home, my heart was always at ease knowing my children r safe in her care!

My children always came home telling me what they had learnt and how much fun they had with teacher Liezl! Teacher Liezl is also very well organised having everything ready for kids to start working immediately!

Liezl is an outstanding person and teacher!

Tanya Veloso - Parent

I had the privilege of having Liezl teach my son over two years. She was his teacher the first year and then took the older group the next year. I was so happy that he could benefit from her love, care, guidance and experience over that time. Liezl is a fantastic teacher and person. My son is very busy but somehow Liezl found a way to channel his energy, get him to focus and work well. He loved her and she had so much patience with my son and all the children in the class. Liezl was born to work with children. Her good nature, kindness, patience and ever present smile together with her years of experience and skill make her an amazing teacher. We have moved country a few times and a true testament to Liezl is if I ask my son who his favourite teacher is ... he will always say teacher Liezl!

Hana Shreef - Parent


Teacher Liezl... She is such an inspiration! Her joy is infectious. Her wisdom far beyond her age. She has so much practical advice for mommies and comes in very handy if you implement it!

My kids adore her... I think kids find a safe place with her. She is that perfect chocolate in the box of chocolates everyone hopes they pick.

Thanks for teaching my kids at such a young age Liezl x

Natalie Cilliers - Parent

We have had the pleasure of knowing Teacher Liezl since January 2013, when she became the teacher of our youngest child Kristin. Not only did she take on the role of teacher but also caregiver / day-mom to our little girl during the daytime when we had to be at work. Each child in her class gets treated with the utmost love and attention on a daily basis. Teacher Liezl is very enthusiastic and sensitive towards all of the children.  She gives so much and in so many ways with the little time she has with them each day. Teacher Liezl makes every lesson a fun experience with her enthusiastic mannerisms. She is always well prepared and organized for each day. She is well loved and cherished by all the children in her class and parents tend to grow very fond of her as well, as she also becomes a friend as the year progresses.

Teacher Liezl is a great asset to any school that she teaches at!

Kristine Goddard - Parent